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A short while back, I came across this link, by a guy on Slate.com, listing his most-used computer applications.  Here are some sites/applications that I like (that I could think of off the top of my head).  Anything out there I'm missing?  What are your favorites?

AP News (Top stories)
Reuters (Top stories, World news, politics)
New York Times (Top stories)
Yahoo News (Most Viewed)
San Jose Mercury News (local)
Digg.com (the first several pages)
Reddit.com (the first several pages)

Fantasy NBA
Delicious (social bookmarking)
Silc (chat client)
flickr (photos)
livejournal (blog)
Pandora (Free personalized music)


Gubb.com (to do lists)
Yahoo Mail
Google Maps
flickr (photos)
picnik (quick online photo editing)
The Daily Plate (food/exercise tracking)
AVG (virus protection)
Spybot (anti-spyware)
SumatraPDF (quicker than adobe reader)
CutePDF (For creating your own PDF's)
7-Zip (for unzipping files)
BartPE (for diagnosing and fixing many computer problems)
Snapshot.exe (for back-ups)
Open Office
Knoppix on disk (also for diagnosing and fixing stuff)
Did I mention I'm in the middle of a career change?  I work on computers now.  I may teach again someday, when the kids are older, and I definitely hope to coach again someday.... when the kids are older.  :-)  For now, though, I am on a new path, and I really like it.  Also, we are moving again.  The house is cute and cool and three houses down from the school Tommy will go to next year.  So that rocks.  We did decide to keep renting a little longer.  We actually had an offer accepted on a house we were trying to buy *right after* we decided we didn't want to buy right now.  :(   Agonizing decision ensued, but we just can't shake the feeling that if we wait, we're going to be able to get more house for the same price later.

I'm on the treadmill fairly consistently M,T,W, and F but still having a tough time on the weekends.  Will keep trying.  Not lifting weights at all right now.  Hope to pick that up after the move.

Even though I'm not teaching any more, or perhaps *because* I'm not teaching any more, my interest and love of languages and linguistics has been quietly resurfacing.   That feels nice.  Yet another thing to do "when the kids get older"... travel and do language immersion. 

Ok, enough for today.  See you!


So much to think about

We've been looking at houses, and making offers on houses, but the economy is sure getting creepy.  We're thinking we may just sit tight and rent for another year or two.  We are going to move soon though either way.  If we do keep renting, we're planning to go rent in the neighborhood/area that we hope to buy in.  That way, Tommy can start school next year and (hopefully) not have to switch later.  And we can start to meet people, and get to know the area, and generally just kind of "settle in."   We're still going to live in Silicon Valley, we're just moving farther out.  We're looking for at areas with good schools (www.greatschools.com) and good walk scores (www.walkscore.com).  Near the lightrail, if possible.  :-)  (We've got quite a list going).  We've found a few spots that seem right, and now we're just trying to narrow in.  And this... is what we've been spending many many hours on lately.  :-)

The Social Web....

Ok, so.... Facebook.....  Wow.  It has really captured my attention the last week or two.  It seems to be what I was originally hoping LiveJournal would be; a place to keep in touch with lots of people that I don't live close to anymore.  What I didn't understand when I was trying to push LiveJournal on everyone, is that not everyone likes to write!  But facebook lets you do one sentence updates, or no updates, and is still very fun.  I can't believe all the blast-from-the-past names I've seen float by recently.  :-)  People from high school, college, some of my old students, family members, local friends, far away friends, all on one site.  I'm embarrassed by how much I like it.  I've been up too late several nights recently, catching up with people.  :-)  And it's about the level of catching up I can handle too.... daily life is just packed already, and I could never make time to see all these people in person right now (I'm having trouble even finding time to make a phone call at a decent hour), but reading a quick blurb about someone that I have fond memories of is satisfying in a strangely deep way.  Man, the web just keeps getting better and better!!!


Wed. Dinner

Chicken, brown rice, snap peas. (Already in a rut again! Gotta break out!)

Went to the library this afternoon, and Tommy found a book called, "Underwear Do's and Don't's" He's so happy with this book. 4 year olds *really* like to talk about things like underwear. :-)

Wednesday Dinner and linux!

Dinner was grilled turkey and cheese sandwiches, french fries, roast broccoli and peppers. Broccoli was great, peppers were soggy.

I'm writing this from my new linux install! I'm goofing around with puppy linux. It's pretty cool.

Silestra started a community for posting dinners. I'm too excited about playing around with the computer right now to go post there, but I'll probably get ideas and post stuff there too. I'll find the link and pass it along later.



Thursday Dinner

Santa Maria Tri-tip
Stove Top Stuffing
Snow peas

I only have two goals for this current "trying to cook" thing: 1) Get some sort of dinner on the table, and 2) Try to have have two vegetables. It's a start. :-)


Originally uploaded by zmary.

Waiting, waiting, waiting....

I'm 9 months pregnant now, and waiting.... I'm due in 2 weeks, and I suspect Annie will take her time, but being this close feels like labor could start any minute. It's never far from my mind. I have contractions pretty much throughout the day, but they're still fairly mild, and irregular. My brain is a little fuzzy, and I'm tired all the time. Sort of cranky too, but trying not to be. Derek and I spent this weekend working on the house. I've been going through a whole bunch of moving boxes that we had stashed in our closets and our garage. We're trying to get lots done, assuming that we won't have time to work on anything but parenting for quite awhile.

I'm reading 3 fantastic books right now. The first is called, "How to Behave so your Preschooler Will, Too." The second is, "Last Child in the Woods," and the third is "Parenting Beyond Belief." They are all absolutely amazing. I wish I had the time and energy to write up real reviews. These books are worth it.

Everything else is cool. I better go get some sleep. Ciao.

7 weeks left

  • If all goes well, and as planned, I'm going to have a baby girl in about 7 weeks. She's moving all over, all the time now, making sure I know she's there. Her name is Anna. Tommy is very interested in this whole process. He likes to alternately play "big brother" and then "little baby." :-)
  • Tommy goes to a very cool preschool/play center pretty regularly now. He loves it.
  • I only have one tutoring student left this year, and I'm only going to see her one more time. All the rest, I said goodbye to at the end of last semester. I miss seeing these very cool kids, and amazingly cool families, but I'm happy to not have the distraction right now. This has been a more challenging pregnancy than the last one, and I'm tired.
  • We got patio furniture this weekend, and fixed up our backyard. It's a comfortable and cute place to hang out now, and that makes me very happy.
  • That's all for now.